Saturday, September 15, 2018

UNICAF MBA Scholarship Programme 2018/2019

Start building your future. Win scholarships of up to 75% to study online at UNICAF University

Pursuing higher level international education is a huge commitment. But what if there was an internationally accredited program that is both flexible and affordable​?

 Recognised for its outstanding contribution to research and learning,  UNICAF University​ offers programmes​ that are either available fully online​ or use the blended learning​ approach, which integrates e-learning with traditional classroom sessions.

Available programmes included:

● BSc in Computer Science
● BA in Hospitality Management
● BA in Business Administration
● BSc in Accounting & Finance
● Level 6 Diploma in Accounting & Financial Management

● MA Education
● MPA – Master of Public Administration
● LLM – Master of Laws
● MSc Healthcare Management
● MSc Managerial Psychology
● MSc Web Design & Development

MBA ​- Specialisations to choose from: Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Oil & Gas Management, and Health Management.

● DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration
● EdD – Doctorate of Education in Organisational Change & Leadership
● PhD – Doctorate of Philosophy
Here’s what you need to do to secure the scholarship:

1. Sign up on Sqore and ​fill in your details
2. A UNICAF admissions advisor will be in touch to guide you through the application process within 48 hours.